As a leading aviation service with world-class facilities and offerings, we pride ourselves on offering our guests a comfortable, personalised and safe travelling experience unique to the aviation industry. We offer a complete fleet of aircraft to meet our guests’ unique needs, domestically or internationally, and all are capable of completing a range of diverse flight needs.

If you’re chartering an aircraft for your required journey, whether corporate or private VIP, you can enjoy a number of world-class hospitality and aviation offerings to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, wherever the destination. Depending on your choice of aircraft, some of our flights offer a varied array of media entertainment options on ergonomically- positioned touch screens using industry- leading immersive sound, and our in-flight catering ensures fine dining while in the sky. Should you be travelling via Johannesburg our purpose-built Fireblade facility offers top-notch hospitality services and facilities, including an on-site spa, gym, conferencing facilities, private suites, world-class catering in partnership with Michelin star chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, and children’s entertainment for little ones.

At Fireblade Aviation we believe that time is the most valuable commodity, and our chartered flights give you the freedom to choose your preferred travel times and destinations to suit your needs and schedule, offering you a truly customised aviation experience. We also offer a private immigration and border control service, a rarity for local FBOs. This means that guests can skip long queues and long walks that come with travelling through large commercial terminals, saving time and resources when it comes to international travel. In the instances where we offer a “sub-charter “aircraft as a travel option, guests can have the peace of mind that it is with an operator who has been vetted by our Quality and Safety Department.


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