&Beyond Mnemba Island

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&Beyond Mnemba Island is an idyllic tropical gem located off the north-eastern coast of Zanzibar. This romantic haven is dedicated to building a legacy of community upliftment and marine conservation.

Twelve rustically chic palm-fronted bandas await on the white coral sand beach, resting in the friendly shade of the casuarina pine forest.

Discover the glory of unpretentious paradise on this exclusive island. Unwind on your stretch of beachfront with the crystal turquoise waters stretching towards the horizon. The thatched dining and bar areas boast spectacular vistas of Zanzibar and beyond.
Delight your taste buds through organic and freshly-prepared food, all inspired by the barefoot beach of the island – from breakfast trays teeming with tropical fruit to romantic candlelit dinners on the beach.

To holistically connect to the island, you can engage in a wide range of wellness activities from yoga to soothing spa treatments. Go beyond the expected with adventures of a lifetime like snorkelling and paddle-boarding. As a significant green turtle breeding site, the conservation team works hard to protect and monitor the nests throughout the year. Track the footprints of female turtles at night and observe their nests during the year-round nesting season, peaking between April and August.

The size of the island makes for an intimate getaway. Choose exactly how you would like to spend your day and the team will make it happen.

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