Apoka Safari Lodge

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Located on a picturesque hill overlooking the Narus River Valley in the south-western sector of Kidepo Valley National Park, is the stunning and remote Apoka Safari Lodge.

The park itself is located in the far north-eastern section of Uganda, bordering Sudan to the North, the Napore Mountains to the West, and the Morungole Mountains to the South. 

Apoka Safari Lodge is relaxed and in a very secluded location of the park, which provides a quiet, private and fulfilling experience. Consisting of 10 separate cottages, each fully contained and including both an indoor shower and outdoor bathtub, as well as a veranda for relaxing and enjoying sweeping views over the Narus River Valley and surrounding savannah.

When you are not soaking in the view or enjoying the delicious cuisine, guests are welcome to join a local community tour, a game drive, walking safari or bird watching excursion.

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