Mandrare River Camp

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Situated in the remote southern section of Madagascar, Mandrare River Camp provides exclusive access to one of the world’s most unique ecosystems, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the biological and cultural diversity of the fourth largest island on Earth. 

The charming tents combine authentic bush flair with the comfort of high-end accommodation and offer a stunning view of the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River. This creates the perfect space to relax after a day of exploring a truly fascinating area with countless indigenous flora and fauna. 

All activities at Mandrare River Camp are individually tailored to guests’ needs and are included in your stay. Whether you want to rise with the sun and spend a morning in search of rare and endemic birds and diurnal lemurs, or wait until the sun sets to walk through the spiny forest to spot nocturnal mouse lemurs and chameleons, you will be guided through your days by their outstanding and professionally trained guides in English (French is also the language du jour throughout the country). 

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