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As one of the largest private conservation initiatives in Southern Africa, Shamwari lies in the pride of the Eastern Cape. The vast landscape offers abundant wildlife, fauna and flora that is exclusive to the area, and unforgettable encounters with nature.

Staying at Shamwari means existing in harmony with nature – where wildlife roams freely under the relentless African sun.

Their interactive game drives offer authentic wildlife experiences that take place in the tranquillity of sunrise and sunset. Guests are encouraged to share specific interests so their ranger can try to incorporate them into your game drive. The guided game walks offer guests the opportunity to experience the rich concentration of fauna and flora on foot.

Shamwari incorporates six lodges and one explorer camp. Each lodge carries its own unique experience in paradise. The lodges are designed to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding area, so guests can enjoy luxurious comfort inspired by nature.

During the past 25 years, Shamwari has worked hard to consolidate and rehabilitate the land to restore it to its former glory. They are passionate about sharing their conservation philosophy with their guests.

Their Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is amongst the best in Southern Africa, assisting in the rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable wildlife. Provided there are animals in care, an opportunity to meet them could arise during your visit.

Join Shamwari for the adventure of a lifetime and support their conservation efforts in preserving a vanishing way of life.

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