Time + Tide King Lewanika

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Time and Tide

First protected in the 1880s by King Lewanika, Liuwa Plain is one of the earliest game reserves in Africa.

The plains are unspoiled and exclusive with rare game and a rich natural history. A natural extension of the vast landscape, the Time + Tide King Lewanika villas are the essence of pure and simple luxury.

Built using local techniques and sustainable materials, they run on solar power and are furnished using vintage leather, cotton and canvas. Designed to completely immerse you in the vast landscape, each has an indoor and outdoor shower, a comfortable lounge and a verandah, all with stunning views over the plains.

Take a deep breath in as you look out over the curving horizon from the serene main lounge. Dine on dishes that combine the rich cultural and natural heritage of Zambia with inspiration from around the world. Warm yourself by the campfire under an endless dome of stars while listening to the legend of Lady Liuwa, matriarch of the local lion pride.
Stop, slow down and fully immerse yourself into this wild land.

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