Miavana Time + Tide

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Time and Tide

Fringed by white sand and beaches and sprawling coral reefs, Miavana by Time + Tide is a haven of luxury at the end of the Earth.

The ultimate destination for modern-day explorers, the resort brings together world-class luxury in a world of rare wildlife and extraordinary landscapes. Relax into the barefoot ease of Miavana, where life is measured in the rise and fall of the tides.

Designed for an effortless flow between inside and outside, the villas at Miavana will immerse you into island life. A 24/7 butler, soaking tubs overlooking the ocean, panoramic views, and an entertainment system in each villa will keep you immersed in a bubble of bliss and relaxation.

Discover, unwind and refresh the body and mind in this remarkable wild place!

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