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Nestled in the heart of the Mole Forest in the Savannah Region of Ghana, Zaina Lodge offers world-class hospitality with a unique touch. With a focus on the preservation and promotion of nature, Zaina Lodge is inspired to respect the environment while inviting guests to share in the rich culture of Ghana.

The 25 rooms are all individual luxury tented chalets, each with a private balcony to take in the scenery and surroundings. Both the bed and furnishings are meticulously crafted in the hands of seasoned artisans. In addition to indoor showers, guests can opt for an outdoor shower experience under the stars.

Zaina Lodge is located in Mole National Park, which is the largest game reserve in Ghana. This prime location provides the lodge with seemingly endless views across the savannah planes. The waterholes that can be viewed from the main building and a number of the chalet tent balconies are frequented by a wide variety of animals – elephants, waterbucks, kobs, bushbucks, warthogs, water buffalos, crocodiles, and baboons.

Enjoy a guided walking tour or vehicle safari, both promising the experience of a lifetime. After a day out and about spotting wildlife, you can unwind in the gorgeous infinity pool, delight in each other’s company at the outdoor bar or fire pit, or you can choose to indulge in a delicious meal at the restaurant.

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