Our two Pilatus PC12NGaircraft are perfectly suited to landing on remote dirt airstrips. If required, we can source more aircraft capable of fulfilling this requirement. Jet aircraft are not suitable for use on dirt airstrips.

Fireblade Aviation has strong relationships with the private aviation industry. Many clients rely on us to source aircraft for special operations. We maintain a level of safety and quality standards, and source aircraft at highly competitive rates.

All cross-border flights require overflight and landing permission from each country we are required to cross. It is a rather time-consuming process managed by our experienced operations team.

Fireblade carries insurance on aircraft, passengers and FBO movements.

All children under the age of 18 travelling with or without parents/guardians must provide the following documents:

Please visit here for information on current regulations.

The official South African Department of Home Affairs website offers guidance on visa requirements for passengers. Please visit here for the latest information.

Once handling has been confirmed, please note that the following will apply to every arrival or departure processed through Fireblade Aviation FBO:

  • A complete travel card, with guidelines on what must be declared by each passenger, must be handed to the appropriate customs agent.
  • All aircraft baggage is scanned upon arrival and departure (new CIS regulation).
  • Port health authorities will check whether the appropriate disinsectisation has been completed. Please ensure that the relevant canister is retained as proof.

Our friendly ground staff will be available to assist you through all the processes and offer guidance when needed.

Any flight requiring assistance to secure South African landing permission must provide the following documents in advance:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Certificate of airworthiness
  • Valid release to maintenance certificate
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • RVSM certificate
  • Noise certificate
  • Crew and passenger manifest

To access the CIS service, the various South African government stakeholders have provided Fireblade Aviation FBO with the following minimum requirements for every international movement:

  • 24 Hour Notice Period to allow for their planning
  • Aircraft registration and call sign
  • Aircraft type and model
  • Aircraft serial number
  • Aircraft Y.O.M.
  • Colour copies of all passports (including crew and passengers)
  • General declaration information

We are incredibly proud of the fact that Fireblade Aviation FBO now offers a complete onsite border control service comprising customs, immigration and security (CIS) services. Important to note is that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to access this service.

Fireblade Aviation FBO has become a specialist in this market segment. We are capable of handling large passenger numbers, and multiple simultaneous aircraft arrivals and departures.

We can certainly arrange hotel accommodation through our operations department, which is available 24/7. We can also arrange crew bookings, make payments on behalf of crew, and send confirmations of the reservations. Our operations department will update the hotel of the crew’s arrival time to ensure the booking is secured.

Fireblade Aviation FBO has a security department with strong relationships to the security industry. We are therefore able to arrange highly reputable CPO services.

Yes, of course we can. Fireblade Aviation FBO has access to preferred tour operators. The crew may pay directly or be billed through Fireblade Aviation FBO.

Fireblade Aviation FBO has invested in its own in-house laundry service to ensure we are able to provide our guests with a cost effective service that caters to any laundry requirements.

The Fireblade Aviation Facility has been used for many functions in the past and is currently still available for such functions. We have successfully hosted cocktails, seminars and formal functions. For any event requirements contact Fbo.Ops@firebladeaviation.com.

Fireblade Aviation FBO has preferred agreements with all professional aircraft catering suppliers as well as our own inhouse Chefs that can provide onsite aircraft catering services. Our operations teams will ensure they meet your flight, take the order, and deliver your requested meals with a smile. View our catering menu

The Gautrain rapid rail link system is available to connect passengers directly from O.R. Tambo International to Sandton, Pretoria and the Johannesburg city centre. Guests may use the Fireblade concierge service to be transported to or from the nearest Gautrain station. For more information, kindly refer to the Gautrain timetable https://www.gautrain.co.za/commuter/timetables.

Fireblade Aviation FBO can accommodate an Airbus A321 on its main apron. Bigger aircraft can be accommodated on the Fireblade remote parking area. We suggest you contact our operations team at Fbo.Ops@firebladeaviation.com or call +2710 595 3922 for a full assessment.

Fireblade Aviation is not a traditional airline since we specialise in private charters, which means we provide a private aircraft charter service or private rental options.

Fireblade Aviation offers a private charter service that provides a versatile fleet of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to suit your personal needs.

Fireblade Aviation FBO has its own fuel infrastructure and can therefore provide fuel on demand 24/7.

  • Fireblade Aviation operates Monday to Friday from 07h00 local to 19h00 local, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 08h00 local to 17h00 local.
  • Fireblade Aviation FBO is available for movements 24/7.
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