To ensure seamless, safe and approved access to the Denel Taxiway and Fireblade Apron, the following procedures and guidelines are to be followed:

VHF Frequencies:

The following VHF frequencies govern access to the Denel and Fireblade premises and we advise that you use them as indicated:

– 122.65 mhz for AC or Apron control.

This frequency contacts AC and they are responsible to open and close the ACSA gate which adjoins to the Denel Gate. We recommend touching base with them at least 15min prior to arrival (touch down) or on start up from Fireblade Apron. Once clear of this gate, contact them again to advise clear.

– 132.50 mhz for Denel Tower.

This frequency can be used to advise Denel that you are inbound / outbound with ETA / ETD which alerts them to open the Denel gate for access to or from Echo taxi way. The tower is typically manned Monday to Friday 07h00 local to16h00 local. For any other periods contact the Fireblade Frequency to ensure the gate is timeously opened. On both counts call back once gate has been cleared to ensure we close the gate. Note that blind broadcasting is mandatory while taxing on the Denel taxiway when the tower is not manned.

– 130.725 mhz for Fireblade.

For Fireblade Aviation Operations. This frequency is manned with all operations and can be used as your main communication for ETA’s, ATD’s as well as any crises or problem you may have. This frequency also ensures that the Fireblade Gate is opened and closed timeously. For best practise we request all aircraft starting up on the apron to contact Fireblade on frequency to advise of the start-up. This allows us time to advise apron personnel, Denel Tower and to advise if any conflicting traffic may be in or outbound.

All Airman, visiting or tenanted, are requested to wear their “HiViz” reflective jackets when entering the Fireblade Airside Apron.

Special Notes:

Right of way for Denel Military movements:

Denel Campus is different to other stations due to the military operations. All entering and exiting aircraft must be aware of the following:

All military movements, this includes military aircraft under tow, have right of way.
All other movements must give way to these aircraft.
This includes aircraft under own power (either departing or arriving).

Description of the military aircraft for ease of identification:

Usually in camouflage colours. The only aircraft operating under Denel (military) are the Oryx, Rooivalk, C130 (Hercules) and Cheetah. The helicopters will be blended colours (brown, grey). The C130 will be grey (almost similar to Cheetah). The L29 (ZU-AUX, blue with tiger stripes) does assist the Cheetah operations from time to time. The tugs are usually open tractor type tugs.

The most telling sign will be the tail number – All military aircraft have a tail numbers and not a registration. Except civilian aircraft assisting in operations (currently only ZU-AUX, an L29).

Please take note that general airside rules apply at Fireblade, when airside.

– Crew are required to wear reflective safety vests “HiViz” on when walking across the apron, as governed by ACSA. If not available, please wait until a  Fireblade Representative can escort you onto the Apron.
– Anyone entering the Fireblade Airside Apron shall be subjected to a security search. This includes baggage and equipment or catering.

The following special notes apply to fixed wing aircraft when operating into or out of the Fireblade Apron:

– Always follow the visual instructions of our qualified Marshalls, unless dangers are perceived by the PIC.
– Taxi speed to be kept to a fast walking pace
– Should any incidents or hazards be perceived you may contact the safety department.

The following special notes apply to helicopter operations in and out of the Fireblade Apron

– No helicopter may land directly onto the Fireblade Apron. All Rotor solutions are requested to contact Denel tower for a landing position on the Denel Taxiway or Helicopter landing bays.
– Once Fireblade Ops has been contacted and the Fireblade Gate is fully open, the helicopter may taxi using the taxi line (either with wheels or air taxi (if skids)) into the apron area.
– If a marshall is present kindly follow the visual instructions. If no Marshall is present taxi to the designated helizone.
– For departure the same procedures apply as per the fixed wing solutions.
– No direct apron vertical departure allowed inside the Fireblade Apron.

Contact Details for Fireblade:

FBO Operations
Telephone: +27 10 595 3922

Telephone: +27 60 521 7489

Further Query
Telephone: +27 10 595 3926


Kindly see Annex A for visual on Jepp Plate on where Fireblade is located


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