As a proudly family-owned business and local FBO Fireblade Aviation is passionate about the community and pride ourselves on being a human-centric brand.


Striving to empower local communities and people and assist in social upliftment wherever possible Fireblade Aviation assists people with acts like delivering supplies to areas of need whenever we can. In doing so we hope to honour the spirit of Africa which is richly anchored in the philosophies of community and brotherhood.

Built on a passion for aviation, Fireblade hopes to inspire and upskill the next generation of pilots and engineers, providing internships for aspiring youngsters and offering in-service training for chefs, engineers and other staff at our local FBO precinct in Johannesburg.

Our unique ability to transport people by air to remote parts of Africa and beyond also empowers many conservation projects and reserves as they strive to protect African natural resources, and we are honoured to play a small part in the larger fight for African conservation efforts.


In line with our vision of sustainability, we have taken immediate steps to reduce our use of energy and water and aim to incorporate waste management protocols across all parts of Fireblade Aviation in an effort to minimise wasteful output.

Over the course of the next year, we are committed to working with academic institutions to set targets and to innovate additional pathways to expedite Fireblade’s journey to reduce carbon emissions.

We are committed to transparently sharing our progress along this journey and becoming industry leaders in the world of aviation sustainability.


As we work towards a sustainable, alternative future we also take fiscal and commercial responsibility for Fireblade Aviation as a business and employer to our employees, who support their families with their positions in our team.

As part of these commitments we ensure we are invested in the latest and most ethical business practices, such as investing in the newest and most sustainable fleet of aircrafts for the sake of fuel efficiency. We also pride ourselves in our transparency and sharing in-depth scientific knowledge and facts behind so-called sustainability solutions, while investing heavily in research into sustainable alternatives for the aviation sector.


Proudly African and committed to promoting cultural diversity, Fireblade Aviation actively inspires, trains and employs a diverse team of professionals and encourages school visits to our facility in order to inspire the next generation of pilots and engineers.

We also celebrate African creatives by showcasing artwork and sculptures by artists in our local FBO, in partnership with the world-renowned Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg. Artworks are available for sale at our facility and all proceeds support the artists as well as the Tswalu Foundation for their research into ecology, biodiversity and climate change.


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