Who is Fireblade?

Since 2014, Fireblade Aviation has built a reputation as a world-class private aviation business. Our prime location at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, positions us at the gateway to Africa.  From this premier vantage point, we provide a full suite of Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Air Operator Certificate (AOC) facilities and services while delivering an exceptional guest experience for corporate and private aviation travellers.

Fireblade Aviation’s facility is designed to meet the needs of discerning clients, from exclusive guest experiences  to unmatched pilot and crew amenities, aircraft owner and operator facilities and services, and travel planning capabilities. In addition, Fireblade Aviation provides highly skilled technical expertise, enabling our (MRO) team to service the world’s finest private aircrafts.

Why the Leading Edge?

In aviation, the leading edge is everything.

It’s the first part of the wing that cuts the air.

It’s what gets you off the ground, and what keeps you flying.

In business, it’s much the same. Your leading edge is the part of your business your customers see first. It’s what sets you apart, and what makes sure you keep innovating.

Whether in the air or on the ground, Fireblade’s leading edge is our passion.

It’s that passion that sees us creating memorable experiences for our travellers, clients, aircraft owners and tour operators.

It’s our passion for driving purpose, sustainability, inclusivity and diversity. For making a difference in the lives of others.

And mostly, it’s our passion for moving the industry forward, one trip at a time.

Our Sustainability Impact

While aviation is an essential component of modern travel, there is no denying the negative impact of fuel emissions and rising carbon levels on our planet. Sustainability is a major point of concern for Fireblade Aviation and we aim to be radically transparent and honest about the practicalities of aviation and the many misconceptions around so-called sustainable solutions.  We are determined to invest in research to assist with innovating and pushing boundaries in the hope of setting a new sustainable benchmark for the industry.

Our Commitment

As the world becomes more and more aware of the current climate crisis and its risk to the planet, both aviation companies and travellers have realised there is a need to change the current status quo in the industry. Fireblade Aviation is committed to reducing our environmental impact where possible to ensure a safe future for the planet and the industry, and to invest in research that can provide realistic long-term solutions to the current status quo.

Travel as a force for good

The travel and tourism industry provides income and stability for millions of impoverished communities around the world. It supports economic growth and stability, helps to preserve and celebrate marginalised cultures and funds conservation in wildlife reserves that rely solely on visitors and tourism revenue for survival. Tourism supports one in ten jobs globally, with the majority of these being women and mothers whose entire families benefit from access to hospitality sector employment. Fireblade Aviation is always looking for innovative ways to drive employment and skills growth within the industry.

The Long Run

We’re a member of the Long Run

In September 2021 Fireblade Aviation took part in a case study with sustainability trailblazer, The Long Run, to ascertain whether their environmentally-based sustainability philosophy could be applied to the aviation industry.

After careful assessment  Fireblade Aviation is very proud to be their first Aviation Travel Partner. We have developed our sustainability framework, in line with The Long Run’s holistic 4 C’s framework which includes conservation, community, commerce and culture.

This new structured and balanced approach will ensure that Fireblade Aviation becomes an active participant in amplifying the positive influence of travel on our communities and ecosystems across Africa.

Our people

The cornerstone of the Fireblade Aviation enterprise, our team are all driven by a passion for the aviation industry and providing guests with the very best services and amenities available. Striving to ensure a better, more sustainable future for the industry and our community, our family-owned and proudly local FBO is an industry leader when it comes to literally going above and beyond for our guests.

Arnold Meyer

Executive Chairman

Leigh Kretzschmar

Managing Director

Dumisani Mdluli

Executive: MRO

Bradley Stalls

Executive: FBO

Rohan Prinsloo

Executive: AOC

Rukayya Naicker

Executive: Finance